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SDI - label / theme-shirt “Der Idealismus” available.  Available as T-Shirt (Fruit of the loom Heavy cotton / size S-XXXL), Girlie shirt (size S-XL) and Longsleeve (size M- XXL). The shirts incl. pocket print (”Idealism-Definition”) and print on both arms (”Flame-blazon” and “SDI- Logo”)
The source of idealistic heresy and heretical idealism
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SDI releases have risen: MetaThrone - „Bergbach“ - Cardboardcase Demo-CD Zwischen den Welten - „Bruchstücke von Welten“ -  Double CD + 48s book in a cardboard-case, lim. to 48 IRVS / Under the rune of war - Gemeinschaftstonträger“ Split MC, lim. to 69 Zwischen den Welten - „Bruchstücke“ CD, lim. to 250 IRVS - „Ex Oriente Nox“ - Digipack Pro-CDR Ulfsdalir - „Totenkult“ - Digi – CD Darksource - “Nemessis – Der dunkle Begleiter“ - MCD Ius - "Das graue Heer" - Digipack MCDr, lim. to 66 copies, lim. MCD + 48s hardcover book and  MC, lim. to 50 copies
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The source of idealistic heresy and heretical idealism
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